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Jeepers Creepers 3

Jeepers Creepers 3

Jeepers Creepers 3    26 September 2017


TMDb: 4.4/10 245 votes

Taking place on the last day of the Creeper’s twenty-three-day feeding frenzy, as the skeptical Sergeant Tubbs teams up with a task force hellbent on destroying the Creeper for good. The Creeper fights back in gory glory as its enemies grow closer than ever before to learning the secret of its dark origins.

Jeepers Creepers 2

Jeepers Creepers 2

Jeepers Creepers 2    08 August 2003


TMDb: 5.7/10 554 votes

After 23 horrifying days of gorging on human flesh, an ancient creature known as the Creeper embarks on a final voracious feeding frenzy, terrorizing a group of varsity basketball players, cheerleaders and coaches stranded on a remote highway when their bus breaks down. The terrified group is forced to come together and do battle against the winged creature hell-bent on completing its grizzly ritual.