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The W.V. Mushroom Club was founded to promote fellowship and communication among everyone interested in mushrooms and other fungi.

September 19-21, 2014

Wild Food Weekend Foraging and Feast

North Bend State Park near Cairo, WV

Native, creamy Paw Paw fruit sounds yummy and delicous, right?  But should you try it before or after pickled rattle snake eggs?  

Join Gary Lincoff and the West Virginia Mushroom Club for a fun filled foraging extravaganza at North Bend State Park the weekend of September 19-21, 2014.  Learn how to recognize the delicious native edibles that await you in your own back yard and find out how to safely think outside the Styrofoam shrink wrapped box about mushrooms.  Awaken your senses during an early morning walk, forage seasonal delights, and then spread your culinary and gastronomic horizons during the Saturday afternoon tasting social.  Reserve your spot before it's too late!  Here's a PDF link for more details about the Wild Food Weekend.  If the link doesn't work, please email

Foray Fees:  The foray fees range from $30 to $235 per person, depending on whether you attend a single day or the entire weekend, and whether you want to include lodging and meals. 

Location: North Bend State Park near Cairo, WV, (close to Parkersburg, WV) which is less than an hour west of Clarksburg and reasonable driving distance from Ohio.

Foray walks Saturday morning: There are 3 planned, guided walks, ranging from short and simple to a little longer and more arduous.  The payoff on that walk is that you'll be going out with Gary Lincoff, internationally renowned mushroom and foraging expert.

Review of Mushrooms and  Fungi Collected: At 11am, Gary Lincoff will teach us about the fungi collected and their identifying characteristics.  We’ll learn how to identify some of the deadly poisonous mushrooms (like the Destroying Angel) commonly found in our area and we'll get a few tips on how to distinguish some of the local edibles from their inedible, dangerous, or poisonous look-alikes.

Wild Mushroom Tasting: After the table review of fungi collected during the morning walks, attendees will go back to their cabins to prepare some of the wild edibles collected.  We will all then meet for an afternoon tasting social.

Sales Table, Books, Loupes, and other irresistible items: Don't forget your credit card or checkbook.  We do our best to stock our sales tables with items of interest to mushroom lovers and outdoor enthusiasts.  There will be something for everybody, including mushroom identification books written by Gary Lincoff (who will be happy to sign them for you) and magnifying loupes, to help you see cortina remnants, eyelash fungi, bird nest fungi and other interesting or identifying details on the cap, stem, and underside or other parts of fungi.  We'll also have limited edition WVMC 10th anniversary T-shirts for sale, designed by artist and former WVMC President Sam Norris.  To purchase a WVMC 10th Anniversary T-Shirt using Paypal, please scroll down to the bottom of the page.  You will have the option of picking up the T-shirt when you arrive at the foray or paying $4.00 postage and we'll mail it to you.

Travel checklist:  Don't forget to bring water, snacks, camera, insect repellent, sunscreen, basket for mushrooms, dollar store poncho, sweater, sunglasses, hat, and binoculars.

Mushrooms you bring from home:  We love it when attendees bring mushrooms from home.  I mean, we really love it.  It’s our chance to see what’s fruiting in other parts of our region and sometimes an opportunity to see mushrooms that rarely or never fruit in our area.  And, of course, there’s always the possibility of having some more edibles to include in our tasting.  If you would like for us to ID any mushrooms you find around your home or along the way, please bring them with you.  We will have a special table set up just for mushrooms brought in from out of the area.  Please place the mushrooms on a paper plate and write down where they came from (under elm tree in city park in Clarksburg, in a meadow in Morgantown, on dead oak stump in Charleston, etc.), write down your name (in case we have a question) and, if you want the mushrooms back, please write "Save for Shelly Conrad" (using your own name, of course.) on the plate.

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