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The W.V. Mushroom Club is a non-profit organization that was founded to promote fellowship, communication and education for those of us who are interested in fungi.  We are an amateur club and the majority of our members are beginners.


Learn About Wild Mushrooms


Join Gary Lincoff, Walt Sturgeon, Tradd Cotter, Max Dubansky, and the West Virginia Mushroom Club for a fun filled fungi extravaganza on Friday, July 24th and Saturday, July 25, 2015. 

When: The foray kicks off with a presentation by Walt Sturgeon Friday evening, July 24th and there will be an action packed day on Saturday, July 25th 2015, RAIN or SHINE!

Where: The foray will be held at the Assembly of God Fellowship Hall (not the church) in Dry Fork, WV, which is on the east side of Route 32, about 4 miles south of Canaan Valley State Park.  This is the same location we have used for the past 3 years.  GPS Coordinates: 38.975843, -79.493621. 

Foray Fees:  The foray fees are $50 per person, which does not include lodging, meals, or the pre-foray workshop.  If you have some time to help us out, you will receive our undying thanks and an additional discount of $15 - meaning your foray fee will be only $35.00.  What a bargain! 

Pre-Foray Workshop Friday: We are delighted to welcome Tradd Cotter this year.  He will be doing an interactive, hands-on workshop on mycoremediation from 10am until 5pm on Friday, July 24th.  This workshop is completely independent of the foray, so anybody interested in attending only the workshop can do so.  The fee for the workshop will be $50 per person, which includes lunch.  We are limiting the number of attendees, so each person can have individual attention and a meaningful, personal learning experience.  For more info on Tradd’s workshop, please visit:


Friday evening Optional Pizza Social:  Our action-packed weekend starts off  Friday evening, when we will have an optional pizza and salad social from 5:30pm until 6:30pm.  We are not in the food business.  All food is provided strictly as a convenience for our attendees and our goal is to recover at least part of our overhead cost.  In this case, we are asking for a $10 donation, and anybody who has attended before can attest to what a bargain that is.  Vegetarian, vegan, dairy free and gluten free options will be available.  We have never had any luck with gluten free pizza, but we're doing our best to get some this year.   We will saute Bradleys and Hens for you to use as pizza toppings.  Salad options this year are: vegetarian fresh vegetable crudite platter with ranch dressing, vegetarian chilled rainbow pasta and fresh vegetable salad, Vegan, GF Fresh garden salad with chick peas and sunflower seeds on the side, vegetarian, GF Watermelon, cucumber, feta and mint salad, and something sickeningly sweet.  We invite you to bring along some of your favorite dessert dishes to share.  Sorry, but for safety reasons, we cannot accept any cooked wild mushroom dishes.

Friday evening presentation by Walt Sturgeon:  Following the pizza social, Walt Sturgeon will present a program about Appalahian fungi.  Walt is a recognized expert on regional mushroom identification and photography, so his presentation promises to be both informative and beautiful.


Morning Foray Walks:  To start things off Saturday morning, Gary Lincoff will provide us with some basic instructions on how to collect wild mushrooms and then we will head out into the woods on guided walks from about 9am until around noon.  Our walks range from short and simple to a little longer and more arduous.  Chip Chase and Charlie Aller lead the more adventurous walks and, if you feel up to it, you’re sure to find some interesting fungi and see some of the area’s most beautiful scenery if you go with them on their walks.  As usual, we’ll be offering a combination birder and mushroom lover’s walk, led by Diane Holsinger, Martha Hopper and Laura Ceperley.  Who Cooks For Youuuu?

Lunch:  For those who want to stay close to the foray site, we will have freshly made chicken salad and other items for $5 donation.  Vegetarian, vegan and gluten free items will be available, including DIY roasted chicken sandwiches, vegan & GF Mediterranean salad, vegetarian & GF Caprese salad, vegetarian & GF Greek salad and a seasonal fresh fruit salad.

Oyster Mushroom Cultivation Workshop by Max Dubansky:  Over the lunch break, Max Dubansky will be doing a hands-on workshop about the cultivation of oyster mushrooms.  Max's workshop will take place outside the foray pavilion, in the back yard (weather permitting).

Presentation by Gary Lincoff:  After lunch, we will welcome internationally recognized mushroom expert Gary Lincoff, author of the Audubon Field Guide to North American Mushrooms, The Complete Mushroom Hunter, The Joy of Foraging, and many, many more books.  Gary will do a presentation about edible wild mushrooms, including how to identify them, how to distinguish them from their look alikes and avoid problems when eating wild mushrooms.  He's going to include some recipes too, so bring a pen.  BTW, if you’ve never attended one of Gary’s talks before, you’re sure to find that mushroom education can and should be fun!

Presentation by Tradd Cotter about Medicinal Mushrooms:  After Gary wraps up, we’ll take a short break and then Tradd Cotter will do a presentation about medicinal mushrooms that you won’t want to miss.  The future of healing doesn’t have to be about chemicals made in laboratories.  There is a better way!

Wild Mushroom Tasting: We hope you digest your lunch quickly, because after Tradd is finished, WVMC’s Head Chef Samantha Clarkson will be serving some delicious wild mushroom dishes.  This year, we will be using some ingredients locally sourced from Backbone Farm, which is Max and Katharine Dubansky’s family farm.  Learn how good organic, non GMO products can be!  Menu selections: vegetarian Lasagna with Bradleys, vegetarian mixed cream of mushroom soup (boletes, chantarelles, black trumpets), vegetarian, GF Chicken of the Wood au gratin, vegetarian & GF Chanterelle and Broccoli Risotto, vegetarian & GF Bradley Stroganoff.  

Review of Mushrooms and Fungi Collected: After the tasting, our identifiers will walk around the collection tables and teach us about the fungi collected that day.  They will offer us some tips on how we can distinguish some local edible mushrooms from their inedible, dangerous, or poisonous look-alikes.

Cleanup: After the review of table specimens, we’ll clean up the foray location and head home with full tummies.

Sales Table, T-shirts, Books, and other irresistible items: Don't forget your credit card!  We do our best to stock our sales tables with items of interest to mushroom lovers and outdoor enthusiasts.  There will be something for everybody, including mushroom identification books written by Gary Lincoff and Tradd Cotter, who will be happy to sign them for you, as well as the bible on local mushrooming: Mushrooms of West Virginia and the Central Appalachians by Bill Roody.  We also found some really cool mushroom knives that have a mushroom brush on one end - an essential tool for chanterelle hunters!

Nearby Lodging:  Lodging is not included in the foray fee.  There is a list of some of our favorite nearby motels below.  The foray location is about 10 miles from Canaan Valley, about 20 miles from Blackwater Falls, both of which have hotel rooms, cabins, camping, and a restaurant.  Elkins is about an hour west of the foray site, via curvy mountain roads.  Please book a room early – nearby hotels fill up quickly and most were sold out during our foray last year.

Windwood Fly Inn:  Restaurant on premises.  Located about 14 miles from the foray site, near a small airport, off Cortland Road in Canaan Valley.  Please make sure you copy the GPS coordinates from their web page or get directions from them when you call to make reservations. (304) 866-7456 or visit:

Blackwater Falls State Park:  Restaurant on premises, hotel rooms, camping, and relatively new cabins available.  They have a heated pool and hiking trails.  Cabin minimums may be 3 nights or longer. If you’ve never been to WV or to the foray area, it’s worth a trip there to see the falls, especially if there has been a lot of rain (which we will be hoping for) prior to the event.  The park is located about 20 miles from the foray location. (304) 259-5216 or visit:

Canaan Valley Resort:  Restaurant on premises.  They have 160 new hotel rooms, 23 cabins, lots of camping, a pool and hiking trails. The resort is located around 10 miles from the foray location.  (800) 622-4121 or (304) 866-4121 or visit

Black Bear Resort: This is a favorite of families who visit with non-fungi loving friends or family who want to stay behind at the resort instead of going to the foray.  Seriously.  Some people just don't care about fungi.  Rates range from $110 from a room at the Inn to $135 for a private cabin, to $235 for one of their private homes.  They have a pool and lots of things for the family to do while you are at the foray, so you can have a fungi filled, guilt-free day.  Visit:   The resort is located about 14 miles from the foray location.   (304) 866-4391

Canaan Village Inn: The Inn is located within walking distance of a restaurant.  It is a family owned business with reasonable room rates, about 12 miles from the foray location. (304) 866-4166 or visit:

Foray checklist:  Don't forget to bring water, snacks, camera, insect repellent, sunscreen, dollar store poncho, sweater, sunglasses, hat, binoculars, and a basket to carry the mushrooms you find during your morning foray walk.

Mushrooms you bring from home:  We love it when attendees bring mushrooms from home. It’s our chance to see what’s fruiting in other parts of our region and sometimes an opportunity to see mushrooms that rarely or never fruit in our area.  If you would like for us to ID any mushrooms you find around your home or along the way, please bring them with you.  We will have a special table set up just for your mushrooms.  Please place the mushrooms on a paper plate and write down where they came from and include your name in case we have a question.  If you want the mushrooms back, please write "Save for John Doe" (using your own name) on the plate.

Registration: Please click on the flashing link at the top of the page to download a typewriter enabled PDF form for registration.  You can either email the completed form to us or bring it with you to the foray. 

Reserve your spot before it's too late!

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